All lithium-ion batteries require a battery management system (BMS) to optimise the discharge and discharge processes and ensure safety. The BMS SB, which has been developed, performs this function very efficiently, actively balancing the cells and using two highly efficient microprocessors. Communication capability is maximised with CAN, Bluetooth and Wifi 2.4Ghz. The BMS SB can manage and adapt to 1.5 to 5V cell composting systems.

  • Maximum continuous current with passive dissipation: 60A
  • Maximum continuous current with forced ventilation: 100A
  • Maximum current (30sec): 160A
  • Seriable BMS: up to 150V (3S)
  • Maximum number of series per BMS: 13S (can manage from 7S to 13S)
  • Management capacity: 2 battery packs per BMS (2 13S bus connectors)
  • Balancing method: Active (energy from the highest string to the lowest, no dissipation in resistor)
  • CAN communication: master-slave self-management between different BMS, HotSwap self-connection. The BMS SB will connect the battery when it has the appropriate voltage range.
  • Bluetooth and wifi communication: access to all the parameters of the BMS via these protocols.
  • Cloud monitoring: management of the BMS (battery) from anywhere via our service or with our own server.
  • Parametrisation from the unit with programmable alarms for:
    • Progressive activation and deactivation (mosfet)
    • Maximum and minimum cell voltage
    • Maximum intensity of charge and discharge
    • Internal resistance measurement in each series
    • Pack temperature, power module and management module * Equalisation difference
    • Maximum equalisation differential