The company

Solar Box Battery is a Catalan company that is born with the idea of providing a grain of sand to change the current energy system to a sustainable and proximity system.

Designed to last

The commercialization of control and battery electronics comes after a long period of research and development of a product with a level of excellence to ensure effective use of ten years (SB7 with monitoring) and an expected 20-year life.

Monitored from cloud

The electronics that we have developed enables us to produce and market two models of battery geared to stationary and nautical use, with the confidence of a product made entirely by us. Own management and monitoring software allows us a level of security and reliability at two levels (edge and cloud computing).

Energy transition thinking

Our aim is to develop a system that will enable us to reduce our energy footprint, both in efficiency (reduction) and in origin (renewable). To do this, we have set design specifications to create as efficient and functional a product as possible, with a maximum useful life and a minimum price/Kwh that n territori accelerates installation across the territory.

The batteries are essential elements in the robust and efficient energy system, allowing:

  • Energy self-sufficiency. Security in the constant supply of energy (security and autarchy).
  • Less period of depreciation of the investment (minor contracted power and greater autoconsumption).
  • Increasing the robustness of the global electrical system.
  • Minimize transport losses.

competitive events

  • Security - European Certification (EC), automatic security protection.
  • Reliability - 10 years of guaranteed and expected useful life of 20 years.
  • Price - Less than 350K/Kwh (plus VAT) Proximity – Design and manufacturing in Catalonia.
  • Use facility - Remote monitoring.
  • Dimensioned – The most compact and lightweight market with respect to its capacity.
  • Modularity – Adaptable in capacity and power.