We have designed and created a battery that brings substantial improvements to the current system in order to be able to consume the energy that we grow in our home.

The energy produced at home from renewable sources can be stored and consumed during the hours when we have no energy supply.

By attaching a battery to an energy production system, we can drastically increase self-consumption (30% to 80%, depending on the installer) and achieve the goal of sustainability.


  • *Energy capacity: 7 kW/h
  • Usable energy: 6,3KWh
  • Efficiency: 92 %.
  • Maximum continuous power per 7 kWh module: 3,5 kW
  • Size (H x W x D): 790 mm x 390 mm x 120 mm
  • Weights: 25Kg
  • Communication protocols: Bluetooth, Wifi 2.4Ghz and CAN 2.0
  • Installation: Wall mounting preferably indoors. IP67
  • Scalability: Up to 20 units in parallel, adding capacity and power.
  • Certification: Complies with European safety standards, CE certified. Complies with regulations 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/EU.
  • Warranty 10 years with internet monitoring, otherwise 5 years
  • Expected service life: 20 years (the monitoring service included in the sale price will update the battery and the management algorithm to extend the service life beyond the warranty).

The SB7 battery has been designed with active balancing and passive cooling to achieve maximum efficiency and durability (no forced ventilation is required). The case, made entirely of aluminium, helps to dissipate the temperature, reduces weight and corrosion.

The Samsung INR2170050E lithium-ion cells with the latest NMC technology have allowed us to produce the most compact battery on the market (volume/energy ratio) and with an efficiency of 92% (energy charged/energy delivered).

The battery has been designed entirely in-house, all the parts are manufactured in Catalonia except for the cells that make up the battery, which are manufactured in South Korea.